Leonardo Furci




  • Bachelor of Science in Biology (2007), University of Bologna
  • Master of Science in Plant Biology (2012), University of Amsterdam
  • PhD in Biology (2013-present), University of Sheffield



  • Morpho-photosynthetical responses in leaves of Italian Cockoo Pint (Arum italicum) (BSc research project)
  • Effects of salinity on root growth and PINOID (PID) kinase localization in sos1 mutants of A. thaliana (BSc Research Project)
  • R proteins: molecular switches controlled by their nucleotide binding status (MSc Research Project)
  • Analysis of inter-population variability in heavy metal tolerance of three populations of Silene paradoxa (MSc Research Project)
  • The role of hexaploidization in the evolution of angiosperms (MSc Literature Study)


Animal and Plant Science Department                                                                           University of Sheffield                                                                                                          Western Bank                                                                                                                                 S10 2TN                                                                                                                                  Sheffield                                                                                                                                            UK

E-mail: LFurci1@sheffield.ac.uk     OR     l.furci@hotmail.com

Skype contact: Grasthard


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